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Birthday Party Reviews from Parents

“Thank you so much for an awesome party yesterday!!! I couldn’t have been happier with how it went. You were so gracious, calm and helpful, and the girls loved every minute.  Thanks for setting the scene and the tone, and for welcoming my daughter and her friends to your magical space.”
~Cordelia (Mom to I, age 6)
“The party was pure perfection, thanks to you. We had a blast! You, and the team, have that je ne sais quoi — and the rare ability to mesmerize and transfix a group of crazy kiddos!”
~Sarah (Mom to O, age 4)

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Emma, Avery, and their friends loved the Frozen adventure. So many friends mentioned how great you guys are, and I think you are going to be in very high demand! You already are! I can’t thank you enough for making the girls’ party so wonderful.” ~Victoria (Mom to Emma and Avery, ages 4)

“Thank you!!! This was the most amazing party. I’m getting emails about it from all of my friends. I hope to see you again in class. Abigail absolutely loved it, that is the most important thing! You knocked it out of the park! ” ~Sondra (Mom to Abigail, 4), age 4)

“Thank you so much for making Olivia’s birthday party such a memorable occasion! She and her friends had such a wonderful time going on a “Neverland” Adventure with you. You have such a natural talent at engaging and entertaining children. We could not have imagined a more unique/creative way to celebrate Olivia’s special day.” ~Becky (Mom to Olivia age 5, Evan age 3, and Cameron age 1)

“I wanted to tell you how great you guys were! Really fantastic! Addison’s exact words were ‘it was even better than I expected!’ Thank you SO much for making her day so special.” ~Shari (Mom to Addison, age 5)

“Treasure Trunk Theatre was the highlight of my daughters’ s 4th birthday party. Elisa did a great job creating a story with princesses, fairies and knights that included and engaged everyone. They had a blast!” ~Elizabeth (Mom to Ella age 4 and Penny age 2)

“Thank you so much for helping us make Alexa’s party such a success. She had a great time and said next year she wants the exact same party and for Elisa to come again. We all had a great time and the kids were so busy!” ~Julie (Mom to Alexa age 4 and Sam age 1)