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Elisa Pupko taught the first Treasure Trunk Theatre class in January of 2013. While Treasure Trunk Theatre has grown since that time, we ensure that the core component of Treasure Trunk remains in everything we do: creating a welcoming and encouraging environment for children to explore their imaginations.
Finally, please do let us know if you would like to bring a class to your school or neighborhood… we always love hearing ideas from parents.


In this class, children will create and explore a dramatic adventure that begins with the opening of the treasure trunk.  The contents of the trunk provide the spark that inspires a story that we will create that day using our voices, bodies, and imaginations.  Children will learn how to band together as an ensemble as we play all of the parts in our session-long story.  This class provides a great way for children to begin incorporating dramatic arts into story telling.


Each class begins with physical and vocal theatre warm ups that will get children ready for the day’s theatrical exploration. The warm ups focus on creating characters with our bodies and voices, sparking our imaginations, and working together as an ensemble.  Favorite children’s stories will then start our dramatic adventures for the class. Students will have the ability to act and speak as the characters in the story, helping them gain confidence standing in front of their peers. Family and friends are invited to attend the final week of class. This is a drop-off class.


For our youngest performers, this class will introduce children to the world of theatre, music, and dance. We will warm up our bodies, voices, and imaginations as a group with various games and exercises. Children will learn from watching the grown ups and also begin to find their own ways of expression. Inside the treasure trunk each week will be a story and costumes or props to spark our imaginations. Using the story and contents of the trunk, we will go on a magical adventure using our imaginations and guided by live guitar music. This is a parent/caregiver participation class.


Shakespeare?!? For kids?!? You bet! William Shakespeare is one of the greatest storytellers to ever write for the stage and this class will introduce children to his beautiful language. Using the actual text, music, artwork, and our imaginations, children will explore the language and world of the play making the text come to life. The semester will culminate in a final performance for family and friends. You don’t want to miss out on this exciting class!


Premiering this season at the Treasure Trunk Studio…a musical written and performed by your very own kiddos! In this class, children will work together as a team, along with our experienced teaching artists, to create a musical with all of the works – song, dance, story and fun! We will begin each day by warming up our bodies, voices and imaginations before putting our heads together and creating a brand new show. This brand new curriculum focuses on the importance of teamwork and the celebration of each child’s unique voice.


Treasure Trunk Twos Program inspires curiosity, exploration, communication, imagination, and positive social and emotional interactions in all children during our twos program. At Treasure Trunk Theatre we believe in child led, creative play based learning and our program will introduce your child to a classroom setting with a gentle separation process for grown ups and kiddos.

Each day we will start the morning with open play in our beautiful space with toys that support imaginative play and fine and gross motor skills. Children are also invited to work on an art project during this time. We will then gather on the rug for circle time with a story, music, and discovery of our stories for the day. We will then wash hands and we provide a healthy snack for the children to share. Children then transition back to choice time where they will continue to have self directed play in our space. A sensory table, play kitchen, library, and age appropriate toys will be available for their discovery. We end our morning with a closing circle time with music and goodbyes.

For the first few weeks, grown-ups will join the class as needed until their child feels confident and comfortable being in the classroom without their presence. Our caring teachers offer encouragement and a nurturing environment where the children feel safe and secure within their classroom before the separation.

Children at this age are exploding in their power to communicate, to move purposely, to assert their independence and individuality, and to control their important bodily functions. Our nurturing teachers are there to support them in their growth and development and will provide weekly updates for parents.

This is a semester only program.

Come explore and play with our Twos at the Trunk!


After warming up our bodies, voices, and imaginations with theatrical games, we will open the Treasure Trunk to find a new children’s story each week! We will read the story aloud, which will inspire our adventure for the day — an imaginative storytelling improvisation fueled by the ideas of the children in the class. This class will provide a great way for children to begin incorporating dramatic arts into storytelling. Parent/Caregiver participation optional.