Holiday Hunt

Welcome to Treasure Trunk’s Holiday Hunt! A fun way for students in both our outdoor and online classes to unlock new clues each week and win prizes! 

Attend Treasure Trunk classes over the next six weeks (outdoor and/or virtual), and you’ll unlock all the colors needed to attend an exclusive virtual holiday event! Complete all six clues plus the bonus item, and receive an exclusive prize box full of fun for imagining at home this holiday season!

How it works:

– Each week in our Treasure Trunk classes from October 26th through November 29th, our teachers will reveal the color clue needed to complete one page of the coloring book. Clues are revealed in both virtual and outdoor classes each week.

– Students color the corresponding picture each week with the color clue.

– A different color clue will be revealed each week!

– The final bonus color will be revealed on Instagram & Facebook, make sure you follow us so you don’t miss it!

– Submit a photo of your kiddo’s completed Holiday Hunt coloring book via email at during the week of November 30th, or tag us on Instagram @treasuretrunktheatre to unlock your prizes.

All completed coloring books will be invited to our virtual holiday event on December 5th and sent a special holiday surprise in the mail.

– Complete the full book PLUS the bonus trunk on the back and receive an exclusive prize box full of imagination fun!

If you miss a week of class, not to worry! You can tag us in a social media post to replace one coloring book entry.

Happy Holiday Hunting!

Assembly Directions: Fold each page in fours, folding down the grey lines first, then the teal. Place the second folded page inside the first. Then, staple along the teal dotted lines to form a booklet! Page numbers are listed in bottom corners.