Imagination Club

Join our Imagination Club and get on-demand content, exclusive live classes, and so much more –
all for less than $17 per week!

We miss seeing the faces of your kiddos light up as we open up our treasure trunk each class. We miss hearing them run to you after class to tell you about the adventure of the day. We miss hearing the whole class recite their Shakespeare speeches together. We miss it all. There’s no doubt about it, we miss your kids (and you) and the magic we create together each class.

So we found a way to ensure that your family can enjoy Treasure Trunk anytime you need to go on an imagination adventure together, create some magic, or just shake your sillies out. All while supporting a female-owned small business.

What’s inside this magical membership trunk?

* Unlimited access to our virtual treasure trunk with over 130 on-demand classes for ages 0-8yrs

*New, on-demand content added regularly

*Unlimited drop-ins to FIVE weekly classes (every weekday!)

*5% off all camps and birthday parties!