Parent Reviews

We take pride towards ensuring that parents, caretakers, and of course, our children have a positive and meaningful experience at every stage of their interaction with Treasure Trunk Theatre. Below is a small collection of some of our parent reviews.

What Parents are Saying…

Treasure Trunk has been a great place for the child I work with, as his SEIT, to increase his skills in participating in group actions, choral responding and in pretend play.  He was very timid at first and would not participate. As he went to more classes and with encouragement from the amazing instructors, he started to participate more and more.  He now has the confidence to participate through all of the class.  This is a great resource and class for any child struggling in a group setting.  The small class size and repetition and reinforcement from the instructions make it fun and a comfortable for children to participate.” ~C (SEIT to J, age 4)
I know that the thrill — and confidence — my son derived from truly absorbing Shakespeare’s story has not only helped encourage his appreciation of theater, but has instilled in him a certain patience and determination to GET things. He was so sweetly proud of himself for remembering his lines! And he didn’t just “memorize” them — I could tell that he was really able to process the story and understand what the characters were up to! You made the story so engaging and relatable for our sweet little thespians.” ~D (mom to L, age 6)
“My son had a wonderful time in camp last week and was excited every morning to go! He was diagnosed this past fall with high-functioning autism and has been seeing a play therapist weekly since late September. In addition to the therapy, we think TT has played a big role in improving his confidence and his ability to work and play well with his peers. We’ve definitely noticed a lot of growth since you met him last summer. Thanks, again, for all you and the rest of the TT team do!” ~S (mom to A, age 5)
“My son has a blast at the camp, and the pictures show why. You and your team do a fabulous job, and we are so grateful for the creative opportunities you provide to him and the other children. Thank you!” ~David (dad to Z, age 4)

My son, who is often more reserved and shy in groups, found his voice and had a ball at camp. The teachers were so patient and encouraging.  He told us he never wanted camp to end.  It was the highlight of his summer. Thank you!!” ~Jessica (mom to M, age 4)

“I’m so delighted my daughter was able to spend these last two weeks with you and your artist-teachers. Besides the simple fact that she really enjoyed her time with you, I was so impressed by the vision of the camp, how every activity–whether crafts or vocabulary building or dance practice–tied together with the larger theme of the week, and how you provided the campers such ample opportunities both to perform together as a group and to imagine on their own. I also feel like I’ve learned a whole repertoire of new games to stimulate creativity just by watching how you all worked and played with the children. We loved our experience with Treasure Trunk! Thanks for coming to Prospect Heights!” ~Tara (mom to A, age 3.5)

“My daughter always loves her time at Treasure Trunk Theatre.  Thank you  for providing such a wonderful experience for the children in our community — and the parents who are happy to have such a wonderful resource right in our backyards! I love the way you inspire confidence, creativity, literacy, and self-expression through music, performance, and visual arts.” ~Mom to M, age 5

“My mom was in early childhood education for her whole career – started and ran teaching day cares for colleges and did research for the Wellesley College Center for Research on Women.  She was super impressed with my daughter’s teachers and experience at Moana camp.   That was her first experience with Treasure Trunk – and she said the teachers’ interaction with and expectation of the kids was spot on.  She was so impressed.   Just thought you’d like to know! ” ~Jill (mom to G, age 5)

“Thank you so much!! My son had a fantastic week. He LOVED your program and we were all so impressed with the show and your videos. You all are so talented and I can tell are passionate about what you are doing with the children- way to go and thank you.” ~Carey (mom to M, age 4)

“Thank you so much for this wonderful program and the kindness you and your team showed our daughter. She got so much joy out of it. It’s fun to watch her grow her creativity and expressiveness.” ~Sam (dad to L, age 4)

 “Nothing else like it in the neighborhood. Ellie loved the class so much we abandoned her nap so she could participate. Elisa is enchanting with kids.” -Kelly (mom to E, age 3)

 “Caitie can hardly wait for drama class each week and always returns home with a big smile on her face. The class allows her to express herself creatively and find her own unique voice.” -Julie (mom to C, age 4)

“Thank you so much.  My daughter had such a good time with you.  I am so happy to see her growing up in the world/language/discipline/playfulness/collaboration of the theater.  I am looking forward to her next bit of time with you guys.” -Betsy (mom to P, age 4)

“We were so impressed with how well thought out the camp was! My daughter loved it. We had only signed up for half days, but she was having so much fun that she requested the extended days. I have also always found you to be responsive and accommodating.” -Sara (mom to M, age 4)

“Henry asked if he could go everyday! He loved it! It’s his absolute favorite class and he would be heart broken if I didn’t sign up again!” -Katie (mom to H, age 4)

“From day one, Elisa’s warmth lured Denali, 6, into actively participating with confidence in movement and classic story reenactments. She ran to class with excitement every week. What a great idea to introduce children into the world of drama.” -Neely (mom to D, age 6)

“Treasure Trunk is by far my daughters’ favorite class. I’m not just saying that! Your art projects / crafts are always awesome. Most stuff the girls bring home are throwaways, but the girls’ fairy houses and Tinkerbell mosaic pictures have pride of place in our apartment.” -Victoria (mom to A & E ages 4)

“Thank you so much – Grace loved loved loved her week of “Frozen class”, and all my girls loved the Memorial Day class. Thanks for putting so much thought and love into it. We’ll look forward to seeing you again in the fall!” -Megan (mom to G age 3, C age 5, & B age 8)

“Thank you!! Edie absolutely loved your camp and talks about it constantly.” -Jessica (mom to E age 5)

“Thank you so much for a fabulous week! Bella loved it and even now she uses her new microphone to sing Frozen songs and she incorporates all of her dance moves. I will be sure to recommend your program to others and hope to sign Bella up again soon!” -Allie (mom to B age 3)

“Caitie and Phoebe had such a wonderful week! Thank you for all of the care, attention, and creativity you offered this class. You’re the best!!” -Julie (mom to C age 6 & P age 3.5)

 “Lulu was beaming when she left class! The most positive reaction she’s had to a class yet!” -Lissa (mom to L, age 4)

 “The kids were so engaged and it was wonderful to see Ivo excited to that degree!” -Kaja (mom to I, age 4)