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I mean, seriously?! Is there a better drop off for your first in-person camp in 15 months?? Treasure Trunk Theatre does everything perfectly!” – Jessica (Mom to R age 6 & R age 4)

I love how warm, friendly and welcoming the instructors always are – it makes drop off so drama free! I also love the recap, the photos and the personal note we get after the class is over – it’s so lovely!” – Mollie D.

My son, who is often more reserved and shy in groups, found his voice and had a ball at camp. The teachers were so patient and encouraging. It was the highlight of his summer. Thank you!” – Jessica (Mom to M, age 4)

Treasure Trunk never disappoints and this class was no different. The instructor really encouraged movement and imaginative play by incorporating the park setting and asking the kids for their insights. My son was engaged right from the start and he’s still talking about his imagination adventure today!” – Krista S.

My daughter is fully remote for school, so these classes have been a really wonderful way for her to safely have fun with other kids. The activities are so imaginative, and I also love that the teacher has a microphone and doesn’t have to yell to be heard!– Gloria C.

Online Camps & Classes

“My son had another great day today. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to see him engaged for that long over Zoom, and I am loving the full 90 minutes to get stuff done. Total win win. Thank you again!” ~Claire, mom to C (age 5)

“Wow! Treasure Trunk provided an amazing virtual camp experience this summer. Our daughter loved the crafts, dancing, and singing. The staff were so engaging and provided wonderful instruction and support. Thank you for a great start to a very unusual summer.” Courtney, mom to A (age 5)

“My daughter really enjoys camp. She loves doing the art projects, singing songs and acting out the stories. She is excited each day to sign on and proud of what she has made and learned each day.” Rebecca, mom to E (age 4)

“Thanks to you and your staff for making these classes possible. It was really comforting and reassuring for my daughter to be back at Treasure Trunk, with the familiar structure and activities that she loves. And she had a great time, as always!” Lexy, mom to C (age 5)

“I wanted to let you know how much my daughter enjoyed the camp. I was so impressed with how the camp was run. At first I thought 90 minutes of virtual would be tough, but your staff is so engaging and the way the time is broken down makes it so successful.” ~Audrey, Mom to A (age 4)

“My daughter loved watching Miss Rachel do the dance and it has refreshed her memory for us continuing to do it at home!  She loved her time in camp last week – I was really pleasantly surprised how she did over Zoom and how excited she got for it each day.” ~Emily, mom to S (age 3)

“My daughters were as usual very shy initially, but warmed up to the very personable and patient Miss Ally over the course of the week and by Friday were jumping up and down asking for more Miss Ally! I wish I hadn’t booked up the next few weeks with other camps, because we really love TTT! I saw how independent they could be with the class! One of my daughters has actually been having problems differentiating between “s” and “sh” and “th” for the last few months, but after watching and practicing “She sees seashells shimmering in the sunshine” with Miss Ally in all types of volumes and pitches, she is performing it for us flawlessly! Such an unexpected pleasant development!” – Jennifer, mom to A and I (age 4)

“[My daughter] is looking forward to 3 weeks in a row of Treasure Trunk camp!!! You really have an all round perfect camp…she loves it from start to finish!” – Gabriella, mom to K (Age 5)

“I wanted to see if they would actually participate before signing up for next week and you are SO engaging they are basically glued to the class. You’re a virtual teaching hero!!!” – Christine, mom of A (4 years old) & F (6 years old)

“Thank you so much! My family and I were looking for this type of program to add to our daily routine! Treasure trunk has exceeded our expectations, we love it!” – Sharia, mom to B (age 4)
“My daughter loved everything! She enjoys the crafts, the interaction with the provider, and the incorporation of song and some movement.” – Sara M.
“My 4 year old was fully engaged over the course of the entire class. I did not have to corral her or remind her to pay attention… it is taught by a true professional, and you get what you pay for!” – Stephen R.
“My four year old daughter loves this class and asks for it every week! She looks forward to finding out what prop to bring and how she will use it in class. I have definitely seen the class activities spill into her imaginative play. The class routine is great and teacher energy works well with the age group.” – Nicol G.

Birthday Parties

“Thank you so much for an awesome party yesterday!!! I couldn’t have been happier with how it went. You were so gracious, calm and helpful, and the girls loved every minute.  Thanks for setting the scene and the tone, and for welcoming my daughter and her friends to your magical space.”~Cordelia (Mom to I, age 6)

“The party was pure perfection, thanks to you. We had a blast! You, and the team, have that je ne sais quoi — and the rare ability to mesmerize and transfix a group of crazy kiddos!”~Sarah (Mom to O, age 4)

“THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Emma, Avery, and their friends loved the Frozen adventure. So many friends mentioned how great you guys are, and I think you are going to be in very high demand! You already are! I can’t thank you enough for making the girls’ party so wonderful.” ~Victoria (Mom to Emma and Avery, ages 4)

“Thank you!!! This was the most amazing party. I’m getting emails about it from all of my friends. I hope to see you again in class. Abigail absolutely loved it, that is the most important thing! You knocked it out of the park! ” ~Sondra (Mom to Abigail, 4), age 4)

“Thank you so much for making Olivia’s birthday party such a memorable occasion! She and her friends had such a wonderful time going on a “Neverland” Adventure with you. You have such a natural talent at engaging and entertaining children. We could not have imagined a more unique/creative way to celebrate Olivia’s special day.” ~Becky (Mom to Olivia age 5, Evan age 3, and Cameron age 1)

“I wanted to tell you how great you guys were! Really fantastic! Addison’s exact words were ‘it was even better than I expected!’ Thank you SO much for making her day so special.” ~Shari (Mom to Addison, age 5)

“Treasure Trunk Theatre was the highlight of my daughters’ s 4th birthday party. Elisa did a great job creating a story with princesses, fairies and knights that included and engaged everyone. They had a blast!” ~Elizabeth (Mom to Ella age 4 and Penny age 2)

“Thank you so much for helping us make Alexa’s party such a success. She had a great time and said next year she wants the exact same party and for Elisa to come again. We all had a great time and the kids were so busy!” ~Julie (Mom to Alexa age 4 and Sam age 1)

“[My daughter] had a great time during her virtual birthday party, she was talking about it all afternoon. A number of her friends’ parents reached out afterwards to say their kids were completely entranced and had so much fun. Thank you to Miss Rachel for keeping the kids happy and entertained! ” – Carolyn, mom to S (age 5)

“Teachers were great and held the attention of the group while ages ranged from 5 to 12! All parents were very much impressed!!” – Daria, mom to P (age 6)

“The kids had so much fun and the parents were super impressed with how engaging the activities were. My daughter had THE BEST time and today declared it was even more fun that she imagined.” ~Sarah, Mom to K (age 7)

“I want to thank you and your team for a FANTASTIC birthday adventure. It was absolutely magical for the kids – and for all of the adults on the sidelines too! We loved every minute of it. My younger daughter is very shy and doesn’t always get into group activities…by the end she was running around with the pack, clutching her wand. She told me afterwards that she loved the “magic teachers.” It brought tears to my eyes! We will definitely be looking out for opportunities to do classes and camp. ” – Lyndsey, Mom of N (5) and T (3)

“Your team was excellent. The kids had a blast. The teachers were professional, fun, easy-going, and punctual. Most importantly: It worked! 20-ish 2nd graders — many of whom haven’t had as much chance for this activity because of the pandemic — came together, listened, created adventures, and enjoyed.And for the parents — it was 45 minutes of other people engaging and exciting the kids — while we set up pizza, cleaned-up from the start of the party, caught our breath.” – Justin, dad of J & R (7) 

“I cannot thank you enough for the absolute joy you brought to my son’s bday ! I’ve gotten so many text messages from parents showing me pics of their kids with their wands at home still conjuring up all the ‘magic’. [My kiddo] is currently taking a nap with his wand and has cast many spells 🙂 Thank you so much.” – Nic, mom to M, age 3.