Community Outreach

IMG_2611Exploring drama through imagination should be a cornerstone of childhood for everyone.

Through the theatrical arts, children learn to use their bodies, voices, and imaginations to express themselves and be connected with the world around them. However, far too many students don’t get the opportunity to explore this side of themselves due to a lack of opportunity.

It is this belief that drove the development of the Treasure Trunk Theatre Outreach Program. Through this special program, funded entirely from the generous support of our parents, we are taking Treasure Trunk Theatre classes to communities in need. Specifically, in 2014-2015, the Treasure Trunk Theatre Outreach Program has partnered with a pre-K program at PAVE Academy in Red Hook. It has been nothing short of amazing to bring the magic of theatre and imagination to these incredible kids at PAVE.

In 2015, generous support from donors for our Community Outreach Program enabled us to provide programing to children at Pre-Pave Academy in Red Hook and at Children’s Law Center whose families are facing difficult situations in Brooklyn Family Court. Watching the children’s faces light up with excitement and imagination was simply incredible cialis generika online kaufen. I will never forget a young boy calling out as we left the first week, saying simply, “thanks for bringing the Treasure Trunk!”

In 2016 we plan to not only continue at both Pre-Pave Academy and Children’s Law Center, but expand our services to an exciting new partnership at Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center.  This new site is a NYC Early Learn Center that serves the Amsterdam Houses located on the far West Side of Manhattan. While the children come from predominately low-income households, I was blown away by not only the incredible passion of each teacher at the center, but by their complete dedication to serving the community.

As with all our classes, these young children will help expand their creative energies while learning valuable skills in communication, teamwork, and confidence.

This could not be possible if not for the incredible support and encouragement of our parent community. If you are interested in supporting our Treasure Trunk Theatre Outreach Program, please feel free to click HERE to donate.

Starting January 1, 2016, 5% of all Treasure Trunk Theatre profits will now directly fund our Community Outreach Program! Thus, every time you register your little ones for camps, classes, or birthday parties, 5% will go directly towards costs to bring our incredible classes to communities in need.

Thank you for your continued generosity and support.

Elisa Pupko