Mars Storm Rucker

Teaching Artist

Mars Storm Rucker is an artist/teacher that has been invested in pouring into the world’s most marginalized group-the youth. They have performed in two original Broadway Shows, choreographed and performed in multiple Off-Broadway Shows, written for shows, and much more. They teach dance, musical theater, voice, and acting. As a teacher, they believe in giving students a voice in the class, pouring into their confidence as beings and artists, and teaching them valuable skills through art that can translate into their daily life. As a teacher, they have been a dance teaching artist and curriculum designer for schools and also currently work In addition, they teach private lessons for children and adults of all ages. As a curriculum designer and educator for predominantly BIPOC children, their teaching philosophy is rooted in the intersection of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and rigorous pedagogy. Mars believe’s in cultivating a space that feels safe for the students to be to be healthily challenged. As a Black queer arts educator, it is important for Mars to prioritize all of their student’s technical growth as a form of resistance and disengaging from historical harm. Mars believes in pushing students to work through their discomfort, while also being highly aware of their boundaries and capacity.